Lunes, Enero 30, 2012

What matters most..

When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~ Joyce Brothers

To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there. ~ Barbara Bush

The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family. ~Thomas Jefferson

"Don't take for granted what you have. Look at your family and really realize what you've got... Never let a day go by that you don't tell them how much you love them."

My family is what who matters the most. I love them so much. :)

"When I Look At You"

When I Look At You (Lyrics)
Everybody needs inspiration,
Everbody needs a song.
A beautiful melody,
When the night's so long.
Cause there is no guarantee,
That this life is easy.

Yeah when my world is falling apart.
When there's no light to break up the dark,
That's when I, I, I look at you.
When the waves are flooding the shore,
and I can't find my way home anymore.
That's when I, I, I look at you.

When I look at you,
I see forgiveness,
I see the truth.
You love me for who I am,
Like the stars hold the moon,
Right there where they belong.
and I know im not alone.

Yeah when my world is falling apart,
When there's no light to break up the dark,
That's when I, I, I look at you.
When the waves are flooding the shore,
and I can't find my way home anymore,
That's when I, I, I look at you.

You, appear just like a dream to me.
Just like kaleidoscope colors,
That cover me,
All I need,
Every breath that I breathe,
Don't you know you're beautiful!


When the waves are flooding the shore,
and I can't find my way home anymore,
That's when I, I, I look at you.
I look at you, Yeah, Woah.

You, appear just like a dream to me.

-- "When I Look At You" is about that nothing else in the world can make you feel as real, as just that person. Everything else can be falling apart, but if you have them, you kind of feel like evrything will come together somehow and you guys can make it work.

Linggo, Enero 29, 2012


There's a star in the sky tonight
And it trembles like my heart
And in this world, we're all alone tonight,
So close and yet so far.

My heart would never lie
I can feel you want me too (I can feel you want me too)
And if that star should fall,
Then baby, here's what we should do

Wish, take me by the hand and wish
Hold your breath and we may find
It might come true on this starry, starry night

Wish, look into my eyes and wish
Reach out for that dream it's there
For me and you and we might fall in love again.

Just a thought..

When love is accompanied with deep intimacy, it raises us to the highest level of human experience.
In this exhalted space, we can surrender our egos, become vulnerable and know levels of joy and well being unique among life experiences. We attain a glimpse of the rapture that can be ours. Boundaries are blurred, there are no limitations and we rejoice in union. We become one and at the same time both..

Huwebes, Enero 05, 2012

Struggling Relationship

 Many of us panic when told to "let go" a relationship that we so badly want to keep. We panic because it usually means choosing the unknown over the known on the promise that something better will take its place if we let go of what we already have or know. Those of us with control issues within themselves have even a tougher time of letting go. But experience after experience has shown that people who are willing to let go of what is familiar and move more boldly into what is possible have better relationships than those people who hold on to what they have and repeat patterns, routines and methods that they know well, even when the patterns, methods and routines aren't serving them well. If you've tried everything and done just about anything to try to make your relationship work but only end up staring resistance in the face, you may ask yourself: "What Am I willing to let go for what is possible?"

You don't have to give up relationship, just let go what's bringing you more of what you don't want. this will free you to create something new and better. ;)

Linggo, Enero 01, 2012

Thank you 2011.. Welcome 2012!

As I welcome the year 2012, I thank all the people who'd been the sweetest and the happiest part of my 2011. It's been a tough year. I had to experience roller coaster of emotions and handle all kinds of dramas in the world. But despite all the problems that I've been through.. Here I am.. staying strong.. getting better.. For I know that I have God with me. I just can't imagine how my life would be without Him by my side. For all the hardships that I've encountered, He never left me and my faith in Him grows deeper. But still, I am thanking the year 2011 for giving me such wonderful memories. And it made me stronger. ;)