Huwebes, Enero 05, 2012

Struggling Relationship

 Many of us panic when told to "let go" a relationship that we so badly want to keep. We panic because it usually means choosing the unknown over the known on the promise that something better will take its place if we let go of what we already have or know. Those of us with control issues within themselves have even a tougher time of letting go. But experience after experience has shown that people who are willing to let go of what is familiar and move more boldly into what is possible have better relationships than those people who hold on to what they have and repeat patterns, routines and methods that they know well, even when the patterns, methods and routines aren't serving them well. If you've tried everything and done just about anything to try to make your relationship work but only end up staring resistance in the face, you may ask yourself: "What Am I willing to let go for what is possible?"

You don't have to give up relationship, just let go what's bringing you more of what you don't want. this will free you to create something new and better. ;)

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