Biyernes, Pebrero 03, 2012

The Magic of Love

Love offers the courage to face any situation. Love will help you to confront all troubles in life and not escape like a coward. Love makes one walk the right path. It exhorts one to speak out when probably he or she desires to stay mum. When the world around you is scared and terrified, love will let you communicate with the Almighty. The scriptures reveal that love is always victorious; love will strengthen you and make you do all that needs must be done., no matter how difficult it is.

Love can live through all obstacles. It will help you to deal with doubt, suspicion and anxiety. Love offers the capability to be sincere and truthful. Love chooses to be truthful much though it might be misunderstood. When someone loves you deeply, he or she will not hesitate to be truthful. It reveals that they have their faith in you and are therefore sincere and genuine.

Love makes up our world. It is through the revelation of some traits of love that we exhibit our fellow feeling. Love makes us better people. Man in a social animal and he needs love to survive. Fall in love or rather rise in it-it is beautiful!

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