Martes, Marso 13, 2012

One of our best experience! Immersion days..

The immersion activities that we had at Hospicio De San Jose was indeed so memorable. Spending time with our lolas and the pre toodlers is one of the best experience that we had. It seems that they are really in need of attention and love. And I realized that it is not the material things that is important in life, it is the people we met and the events that had and will happen that makes it significant. With our lolas, their tantrums and care for us as if we are their apos will be missed. I will miss the times that we had with them especially those when we help them eat, go to their bed, stroll them around the corriedor and give them some entertainment. Although they have their tantrums at times, we still manage to understand them and give them what they want. No matter how suplada they are we are still there for them and reach out our hands. We felt the love and care from our lolas and also that same thing that they need from the people around them. We see to it that we maximize our time when we are with them. I will miss them so much. And for our dear chikitings, the pre-toodlers, they will also be missed. They are our little sisters and brothers whom we love. They are so sweet whenever we say goodbye everytime our period of immersion will end. I will miss their cute naughtiness. I will miss how they treat us like their own ates and kuyas.


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